Examples of Children’s Work

Beautiful artwork from 4th Class



4th Class making decorations from Clay!




6th Class Family History Projects

The historians of 6th Class researched their family history and came up with these amazing projects. With stories of courageous trailblazers,  war heroes, tragedies and happy endings from around the globe!







3rd class demonstrating science experiments during Science Week!


Second Class 

Second class have been busy knitting bears, owls and rabbits in preparation for their upcoming Knitting Display! Thanks to all the parents, grandparents and aunties who have helped them to become great knitters!



Third Class Engineers!







3rd Class children are participating in a competition being run by Engineers Ireland. Here the children are learning all about the wonderful work being carried out by the scientists and engineers in Boston Scientific. A big thank you to Deirdre McMahon and Yvonne Brennan for sharing their knowledge and expertise with the girls. As you can see from the photographs, the girls were very interested in learning all about stents and how save peoples lives.

Second Class learned all about India in S.E.S.E!


Senior Infants’ advent wreath ready for Christmas!


Congratulations to Nessa and Anna from Fourth Class, on their fabulous homemade Halloween Costumes!


We did some fun experiments in Fourth Class during Science Week!










Fourth Class Self Portraits









Watch the video created by 4th Class – “Waste Not, Want”

Entries for the Our Irish Heritage (100 Objects) Schools’ Poetry Competition 2014


Titanic Launch Ticket

 By Ailbhe Murphy, 6th class

I looked at the little piece of paper and smiled.

I imagined on the 31st of May,

a Mister David Moneypenny trying to find his way,

clutching his ticket in his hand,

desperately trying to get off land.

Admiring the painting in the first class quarters,

now looking back at the waving supporters.

I wonder what it would be like to be on the best boat ever.

Well Mr. Moneypenny thought, it couldn’t get better.

Then an iceberg appeared in a flash.

Captain Smith knew they would crash.

“Everyone grab a lifejacket and a coat!

Get out on deck and into a lifeboat!”

People screaming and shouting everywhere,

go back for a toy, no one would dare.

The boat disappeared under the waves,

now just a shipwreck in under sea caves.

Many were rescued, many survived,

most didn’t make it, most of them died.

I dragged my eyes away from the little piece of paper.

I was no longer smiling, ’cause I am a weeper.




By Eimear Walshe, 6th Class

AK – 47, when your trigger was pulled

you sent innocent people to heaven.

Made by a self-taught Russian dude,

wouldn’t want you to be with someone who is in a bad mood!

You’re durable, reliable, adaptable and light,

shooting every person in your sight.

You were decommissioned in 2005,

but the memories of you are still alive.


 Daniel O’Connell’s Chariot

 By Elizabeth McKenna, 6th Class

What a chariot! Red, blue and gold,

with golden designs, ornate and bold,

drawn through the streets of Dublin City

by six splendid horses and not one person showed pity.

He sat there on his gilded seat,

what a lucky man to have such a crowd

to watch him go through Dublin’s beautiful city.

Who is this man you ask, well of course

it’s Ireland’s most celebrated and

adored man of his time – Daniel O’Connell.


Titanic Launch Ticket

 By Adithi Gowda, 6th Class

This launch ticket belonged to David Moneypenny,

to cruise on the Titanic which brought tragedy to many.

‘Great Anglo-Saxon triumph’, it was universally hailed,

created in Belfast, but ended in despair.

The steerage class emigrants drowned among the rest,

on the 15th of April 1912, the ship sank although it was the best.

This 20th century beauty was the greatest of its time.

The Titanic is sure to be remembered

and immortalized in many a rhyme.


 Ballinderry Sword

By Hannah Best, 6th Class

A weapon made for war,

my stab was very sore,

covered in Celtic designs and wiggly lines,

I wasn’t made for the poor.

Part of a rough Viking band,

all of them had me in hand,

I shed lots of blood, a body part flood,

scattered all over the land.

The Book of Kells

By Lucy Martin, 6th Class

A long time ago in Ireland’s past,

the monks wanted to create a book that would last,

with colours and designs all beautiful and gold,

no wonder it was stolen, everyone wanted to get hold.

With a book so complex, with words so fine,

I wonder if I may be able to see it some time.

In Trinity, waiting for me to arrive,

I know when I see it I will feel so alive.