Presentation of the Irish Flag to Scoil Íde

Presentation of the Irish Flag

On Tuesday, January 12th, three members of the Defence Forces came to present us with an Irish flag and a copy of the 1916 ‘Proclamation of the Irish Republic’. We were delighted to welcome Private Chloe Foy, Sergeant John Ainsworth and Sergeant Paul Duffy to Scoil Íde. One student in particular was very excited to see them. Sergeant Paul Duffy is Laura Duffy’s uncle. Laura is in first class.

Every school in Ireland will be presented with the Irish Flag and a copy of the Proclamation because 2016 marks 100 years since the Easter Rising.

Firstly, it was explained to us how to look after the flag. There are lots of rules about it. For example, you are not allowed to let the flag touch the ground. You are not to draw or write on the Irish Flag.

Next, they told us about the Proclamation. There were seven people who signed it in 1916. One of our sixth class pupils helped the Sergeant to read it out to us. After that, the flag and Proclamation were presented to our school.

Lastly, they told us that on March 15th, 2016, at midday, all the schools in Ireland will raise their flags to mark the 1916 Rising. They were very patient with us when we asked them lots of questions about the flag and 1916.

We are all really excited about raising the flag and learning more about 1916 in the coming weeks. We completed the ceremony by playing Irish tunes on our tin whistles and instruments and singing Amhrán na bhFiann.

Take a look at our amzing musicians here: